Yosemite National Park

While the benefits of living in Los Angeles can sometimes seem far and few between, it’s never escaped me that I’m only a few hours drive from some of the most gorgeous places on this planet. So when my best friend and I decided we wanted to go to Yosemite for an overnight camping trip and some day hikes, we packed up our car and hit the road.

When you arrive at Yosemite during peak season, there’s no chance you can get a camping spot without a reservation, you’d even be lucky to find parking for your car, and during the winter, much of the park is shut down. However, there is a sweet spot, in April, when much of the park has defrosted and is open, but the swarms of people haven’t showed up yet. Snag a walk up camp site at Camp 4, enjoy the brisk cold weather, the sun lighting the entire valley and the chilling nights.